Living With Friends

Izzy and Lynda

click for pedigree"Izzy" Kinobi Stardance Radost JC

September 30, 2003

Breeder: Rebecca Peters-Campbell
Owners: Lynda Cattoni Shafer & Rebecca Peters-Campbell

I met Lynda Cattoni Shafer when she was videotaping the 2001 BCOA National Specialty. I asked Lynda to make prints of Dani moving from the tape, and the rest, as they say, is history. Lynda sent me the photos and requested to be on the waiting list for a Dani puppy. Two-and-a-half years later, she chose the Irish marked, brindled silver sable bitch puppy, "Stardance," aka "Isadora" or "Izzy. It was a lucky day for me that welcomed Lynda into the Kinobi family.

Izzy joined the Radost family at age 11 weeks, and has been a cherished by Lynda ever since. See Izzy and her October 2009 puppies on the Radost Borzoi website.


"Let's Dance"

Adele in a show ring Puppy Class Lompoc

"Adele" Radost Kinobi Dancing with the Stars

October 29, 2009

[Ch Kansai'Z Fane
x Kinobi Stardance Radost, JC]

Breeders/Owners: Lynda Cattoni Shafer & Rebecca Peters-Campbell

Last year, Izzy was bred to Lynda's handsome male Fane to produce the "Let's Dance" litter. We couldn't be happier with the result. Most of the puppies are growing up in their forever homes, with many good reports of their personality, athleticism, and beauty.

Adele is co-owned by Lynda and me. Already she promises to share her dam's and granddam's beauty and movement.

See Adele at Radost Borzoi.


click for pedigree"Angel" HIT Can Ch, CFC Elite Ch Kinobi's Blue Angel, PCD, CD, RE, CGN, TT

January 27, 2005

OFA Cardiac Normal, CERF normal
[Silkenswift Stardust SC
x Ch Kinobi's Molly Kathleen]

Breeder: Rebecca Peters-Campbell
Owner: Norma Reid (Norjon Borzoi)

Angel went to Nova Scotia to live with Norma Reid and Libby (Can Ch Lythe Ghost Dance CGN) at age 4 months. Norma has provided the kind of home that breeders dream about, spoiling Angel outrageously and also showing her to breed and performance titles.

Angel is Norma's first performance borzoi and her second show dog.

Highlights of Angel's life with Norma include:

  • Conformation

    • Best Puppy in Hound Group
    • Multiple Hound Group Placements
    • CFC Elite Championship - Shown 8 times, received "Excellent" ratings under 8 different judges
  • Obedience

    • Earned CD with three High in Class scores and a High in Trial!
  • Rally

    • Rally Novice - Earned in 3 trials with 3rd and 4th place scores
    • Rally Advances - Earned in 3 trials with a 3rd place score
    • Rally Excellent - After 2 "practice" trials, earned title in 3 trials with 2nd, 4th, and 1st place scores
  • Temperament Test

    • Passed with flying colors and compliments from the evaluator.
  • Motherhood

Maddie trotting around a field

click for pedigree"Maddie" Sohounds Mademoiselle

April 20, 2007

[Ch Greyhaven Brodny Mandrake CD
x Ch Regius One Star in Sight]

Breeder Sara Ose
Owners: Bobbie Deis, Melissa Pearce & Rebecca Peters-Campbell

Maddie is a delightful borzoi whose love of children and family life led us to share her with Bobbie's family. Although Maddie seems like an eternal puppy, she is actually maturing nicely and should be ready for the show ring any day now. Melissa and I are grateful to Sara for allowing us to purchase Maddie. We believe she will be a valuable addition to our breeding plans in the next year or two.

Please visit Maddie's page on Bobbie's Firebird Silken Windhound site.

Jazz in showring 2009 National Specialty

"Jazz" Zoiboyz Summer Jazz SC FCh

July 18, 2008

[BIF FC Zoiboyz Nitro v Rosehill, SC, FCh, GRC, JOR
x MBIF DC Silkenswift Lady in Red SC FCh]

Breeders Rebecca Peters-Campbell & Melissa Pearce
Owners: Tom Golcher & KC Thompson

Jazz was Tom & KC's stud fee puppy from the Attaway-Kinobi "Summer" litter. He is amazingly like a male version of his mother, Carmen.

Visit Jazz and his kennelmates at Zoiboyz.

"Oregon Coast" littermates

August 9, 2009

[BISS Ch Rajalinjan Halis SC
X Ch Kinobi Starlet JC]

Breeders: Rebecca Peters-Campbell, Melissa Pearce, and Christine Meyers

"Quinna" Attaway-Kinobi Yaquina at Lusso

Owned by Linda Tindle (Oregon) & Rebecca Peters-Campbell

Silver sable spotted on white, Quinna is an ultra-feminine borzoi with a lovely, melting expression and the big, floating sidegait often seen in her family tree. She quickly became the borzoi princess at Linda's home in Oregon, fitting right in with the other borzois and with the LinLu poms, too. Melissa and I couldn't ask for a better home for Quinna, and look forward to many good things in the coming years.

Quinna is pointed from the puppy class and will be seen at autumn shows after she re-grows coat and matures a bit.

"River" Attaway-Kinobi Gold River

Owned by Joann Jennings (New Mexico) & Rebecca Peters-Campbell

A handsome, curvy self-red male who grins up a storm, River went to join Joann, her mother, and their two Saluki in February 2010. It clearly is a match made in heaven, and River is growing up beautifully. A day before his first birthday -- totally out of coat -- he won Best in Match, owner handled by Joann.

"Falcon" Attaway-Kinobi Falcon Cove

Owned by Kathy Bulicz (Minnesota)

Falcon, an Irish marked gold sable who strongly resembles his sire, was the last of the "Oregon" puppies to find his "forever" family. It was well worth waiting for! Our thanks to Marilyn Polsfuss, who helped Kathy to connect with Melissa and me. Since moving to Minneapolis last spring, Falcon has settled beautifully into Kathy's home and life. His new playmates include a girlzoi and the Bulicz family cats. Future plans for Falcon include the show ring as well as participating in pet therapy, an activity where Kathy has had a lot of success.