Many of my dearest friends are people from whom I bought a dog, or to whom I sold a dog. Buying or selling dogs is more than a business transaction; it's a matter of teamwork for the life of the dog, and often beyond. We hope that our puppy buyers will enjoy being part of the Kinobi family.

Our dogs are sold with contracts, health warranties, and home checks. We are available to celebrate achievements and to help when obstacles are encountered. If you are interested in a dog currently available, or just want to talk about borzois and "maybe someday...," feel free to contact me to discuss Kinobi borzois.

Curling Litter

Norjon and Kinobi are happy and proud to introduce our "Curling" litter.

Born August 15, 2010 -- 5 males & 3 females

Breeders: Norma Reid & Rebecca Peters-Campbell
cashel on bed with cigar
Proud Papa Cashel
Angel with puppy
A Mother's Love

Inquiries are welcome

Please feel free to contact either
Norma Reid
(902)865-4044 (Canadian)
Rebecca Peters-Campbell
(413)575-4663 (US)

Puppy Pictures!

Day 3

Curling puppies, one day old. "Curling" puppies, One day old.
Puppies nursing

"Let's Dance" Litter

October 29, 2009

From the Radost & Kinobi "Let's Dance" litter, born October 29, 2010, 2 males are available on co-ownership terms.

We have reluctantly faced the fact that we can't keep all the pups we love and admire - so one or both boys will be shared. We are seeking "forever" homes where the dog will be a member of the family and have a chance to win ribbons in show and performance if he continues to mature into his early promise. Both handsome boys have sweet temperaments, outstanding athleticism, and lovely movement. Each will be sold with contract, health warranty, and home check. Contact Lynda or me for more information.

Lynda Cattoni Shafer
Radost Borzoi
Rebecca Peters-Campbell
(413)575-4663 (US)



click for pedigreeCh Kansai'Z Fane

dancing couple

"Junior" Radost Mr. Bojangles Dance

Black & brindle spotted on white, Junior strongly resembles his sire. He has the floating gait of both parents (and many ancestors), and also shows promise as a lure courser.

"Sammy" Radost Dance the Night Away

Self black & brindle, Sammy resembles his Grandpa Aster in more than color -- he also has that "Life is a cabaret" attitude that is so much fun to live with and show. Added to personality-plus, he has "wow" movement and a solid, handsome body.