Ch Kinobi's Molly Kathleen
Molly, age 4.

pedigree "Molly" Ch Kinobi's Molly Kathleen

March 27, 1999

Breeder/Owner: Rebecca Peters-Campbell

Miss Molly was a singleton puppy. She finished her breed title easily in the fall of 2003.

Highlights of her show career include:

  • Best of Winners,
    Borzoi Club of Greater New York Fall Specialty
  • Best of Winners,
    Borzoi Club of Greater New York Trophy Supported Entry
  • Best of Winners,
    Borzoi Club of New England Trophy Supported Entry

Molly was bred once to Silkenswift Stardust SC, and produced our "Blue" songs litter. Had I been gifted with foresight, they would have been the "tail wagging" litter! :-)

January 27, 2005: "Blue Songs" litter produced

HIT Can Ch, CFC Elite Ch Kinobi's Blue Angel, PCD, CD, RE, CGN, TT
  • "Angel" HIT & Group Placing Can Ch & CFC Elite Ch Kinobi's Blue Angel, PCD, CD, RE, CGN, TT owned by Norma Reid, Norjon Borzoi
  • "Gypsy" Kinobi's Silver Bullet Blues SC
  • "Velvet" Kinobi's Blue Velvet SC
  • "Ren" BIF Kinobi Travelin Blues Renaissance SC JOR, owned by Leonore Albordo of Oxota Borzoi"

  • Stella standing with flowers background

    click for pedigree"Stella" Kinobi Dark Star

    September 30, 2003

    Breeder/Owner: Rebecca Peters-Campbell

    Stella wrapped her puppy paws around my heart while she was still in the whelping box. She reminds me of both her parents in many ways, and I receive much pleasure from intelligence, grace, and exotic beauty.

    At 27 inches, Stella is the smallest borzoi at Kinobi, but she lives by the motto "multum in parvo" and has persuaded the other zois to do likewise. For many years her mother was the alpha bitch at Kinobi. When I lost Dani, Stella stepped into the vacancy in management. She is willful and enterprising, but always plays fair. If she unzips my purse to remove something she would like to play with or snack on, she leaves me something in exchange -- say, a gnawed stump of a bone for a packet of cheese crackers. From a dog's perspective, that seems to be an even trade!

    Stella isn't sold on dog shows, besides being self-black-and-silver-brindle, a very tough color to show - so we mostly find other things to enjoy together. Agility tops her favs so far. We hope to try Rally this autumn.

    Ch Kinobi Starlet JC
    Ch Kinobi Starlet JC

    click for pedigree "Starlet" Ch Kinobi Starlet JC

    September 30, 2003

    Starlet finished easily with extra majors in the fall of 2006.

    As the dear companion of Chris Meyers from age 11 weeks, Starlet grew up running and playing on the Oregon coast, which became the litter theme. She lived in Colorado with Melissa from September 2008 to October 2009, and her much anticipated breeding was accomplished through Melissa's help. Melissa reared the puppies with her usual loving care. Starlet was an outstanding mother, like her own dam and granddam before her.

    Starlet was bred to BISS Ch Rajalinjan Halis SC to produce the "Oregon Coast" litter.

    Co-bred by Rebecca Peters-Campbell, Melissa Pearce, and Christine Meyers.

    The Oregon Coast Litter

    August 2009: "Oregon Coast" Litter

    "Pup-Pup" was co-owned with Christine Meyers through 2009. In January 2010, she was transferred to Chris's sole ownership.

    MBIF DC Silkenswift Lady in Red, SC, FCh

    click for pedigree"Carmen" MBIF DC Silkenswift Lady in Red, SC, FCh

    September 9, 2002

    [FC Mielikki's Somebody T'Luv SC FCh
    x Silkenswift Midnite Whirlwind SC FCh]

    Breeder: Bonnie Dalzell
    Owners: Rebecca Peters-Campbell & Melissa Pearce

    Carmen joined our family on her six-month birthday as an utterly adorable puppy. She was major pointed from the puppy classes, and finished her breed title easily.

    MBIF DC Silkenswift Lady in Red, SC, FCh

    Sunny tempered and enthusiastic about everything and everyone she encounters, Carmen's love in life is running. She adores chasing plastic bunnies.

    Carmen won back-to-back 1st placements for 50+ ASFA points on the weekend after her first birthday, and quickly finished AKC and ASFA field champion titles. At age almost-eight, she is still keen and athletic.

    Carmen was bred to BIF FC Zoiboys Nitro v Rosehill SC, FCh, GRC, JOR to produce the Attaway-Kinobi "Summer" litter

    Carmen's Summer Puppies
    Carmen's "Summer" litter

    July 18, 2008: "Summer" Litter

    • "Jazz" Zoiboyz Summer Jazz SC FCh, owned by Tom Golcher & KC Thompson
    • "Breeze" Attaway-Kinobi Summer Breeze, SC, owned by Rebecca Peters-Campbell & Melissa Pearce
    • "Indy" Attaway-Kinobi Indian Summer, JC, owned by Melissa Pearce
    Breeze in the show ringAge 12 mos, on her way to BOW

    click for pedigree "Breeze" Attaway-Kinobi Summer Breeze SC

    July 28, 2008

    [[BIF FC Zoiboyz Nitro v Rosehill SC. FCh, GRC, JOR
    x MBIF DC Silkenswift Lady in Red SC, FCh]]

    Breeders/Owners: Rebecca Peters-Campbell & Melissa Pearce

    Breeze standing pretty in a field Age 9 mos, learning dog show game.

    Breeze's whelping box name was "Firecracker" due to her bright splash7es of color and her lively nature. She is bright and fun to live with as she matures, too. A pleasing blend of both parents, Breeze is cheerfully interactive, enjoyable to show, take coursing, or curl up with on the couch. She definitely is fulfilling the hopes Melissa and I had when we bred Carmen to Nitro.

    Breeze prancing with a lure toy Age 3 mos, "It's my bunny!"

    Shown on a limited basis as a youngster, Breeze has 7 points plus major reserves towards her CH title. With her sweeping sidegait and "Hello, World, I'm here!" attitude, she should finish easily with maturity.

    As might be expected of a borzoi who is linebred on DC Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos, CD, CGC, LCM4, SORC, SGRC, Breeze is keen to chase anything that moves. She has attended four AKC field trials and has 3 firsts and 1 second (a week after her season ended), with 12 point/2 majors towards her AKC Field Champion title. Hopefully in 2010 she will become an 8th generation lure coursing champion.

    heather facing front

    "Heather" Romanoc Alpine Heather

    April 18, 2009

    [Saddle the Wind Ice Breaker
    x Ch Romanoc Funny Cide of New Moon]

    Breeder: Kris Woddail
    Owners: Melissa Pearce, Rebecca Peters-Campbell & Kris Woddail

    In August 2009, I drove from Massachusetts to Colorado and stopped in Missouri to visit Kris Woddail, Romanoc, and see her 4-months-old Cider puppies. The pedigree interested Melissa and me, and the puppy pics tempted us to see more. The bright red and white girl with the sparkle in her eye grabbed my attention (yes, I always like the bad girls!). She was irresistible. I phoned Melissa to discuss, and when my trip resumed, Heather had joined the pack!

    Athletic, engaging, and beautiful, Heather fits right in with the hounds living in Colorado at Melissa's Attaway Borzoi. She has been to a few shows and fun runs, and will pursue titles as she matures. Melissa and I are grateful to Kris for sharing this pretty tomboy with us.

    This summer Heather's Grandpa Gucci also came to live with me.

    Baby eden looking intent Eden at 9 weeks.

    "Eden" Attaway-Kinobi Running to Paradise

    August 9, 2009

    [[BISS Ch Rajalinjan Halis SC
    x Ch Kinobi Starlet JC]]

    Breeders: Rebecca Peters-Campbell, Melissa Pearce & Christine Meyers
    Owner: Rebecca Peters-Campbell

    Eden trotting towards camera

    My puppy from the "Oregon Coast" litter, Eden embodies my hopes and dreams when we planned the litter. Her whelping box names was "Dani Junior." As of her first birthday, she still resembles her grandmother in structure and beauty. She also shares Grandma Dani's joie de vivre and her amazing coordination and athleticism. For all echoes of the past, Eden is very much her own puppy and will make her own mark in the world! I love her independence, intrepidity, and impish charm.

    Eden in show stand

    Eden's show career began with a bang. She won Best in Match at the Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley's Winter Match, with an entry of 27. She went on to win points from the puppy class at two shows, plus reserve to a 4-pt major. Puppy Eden also won Best in Sweepstakes at a BCNE Trophy Supported Entry and was in the ribbons in Futurity and Sweepstakes classes at the 2010 National Specialty. Having sensibly shed her coat for this hot, humid summer, she is on sabbatical from the show ring for a while.

    Eden shows a lot of interest in the lure toy. Hopefully she will get a chance to practice and qualify for lure coursing this autumn.

    puppy in whelping box

    click for pedigree"Tempest" Zoiboyz Enchanted Isle

    May 10, 2010

    [German Dual Ch Romashka's Aramis FCh
    x BIF FC Zoiboyz Tornado v Rosehill, SC, FCh, GRC, JOR]
    puppy in whelping box

    Breeders: Tom Golcher & KC Thompson
    Owners: Melissa Pearce & Rebecca Peters-Campbell

    Tempest's dam, Tornado, is a littermate to Breeze's sire, Nitro, so naturally this pedigree interested us. Add in that Melissa and I both admired Aramis, plus Melissa's helping to whelp and rear the litter, and naturally we were very interested in a puppy. Evaluating the pups, we saw a lot to like in many of them, and both chose Tempest as our "pick." We are delighted that she became available, and that Tom and KC shared her with us!.

    getting comfy puppy in whelping box

    As with many of our dogs, Tempest is growing up in Colorado with Melissa, where she has big fields to run in, and other puppies to play with. As she matures, she will likely come East to go to some shows and running events with me. We have high hopes that Tempest will grow up to be a dual champion and believe she will blend very nicely into our pedigrees when the time comes to breed her.